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    1、 Cleaning service content
    As a cleaning staff, not only know how to clean, but also understand their specific tasks. If the work is muddled, you will soon get tired of your work. General property companies require cleaning staff to do the following:
    1. According to the actual situation, reasonable layout of fruit boxes or garbage cans, garbage removal and transportation daily, no garbage can, no overflow phenomenon, keep garbage facilities clean, no odor, garbage bagging.
    2. There is a sound cleaning system. Roads, squares, parking lots, green space and other public areas are cleaned by special personnel twice a day; the common hall on the first floor is scrubbed once a day; the stair handrails are scrubbed once a day; the glass of common parts is cleaned once a week; the facilities and equipment of outdoor signs, billboards, letter boxes and other common parts are wiped twice a week; street lamps and corridor lights are cleaned once a month.
    3、共用雨、污水管道每年疏通1次;雨水井、化糞井、污水井每月檢查1次,視檢查情況及時清掏,保持通暢,無堵塞外溢;化糞池每月檢查1次,每保定平面設計培訓 保定空調維修 保定管道通風 包裝盒定做 化糞池模具 廢舊電纜回收 不銹鋼鑄件 半年清掏1次,發現異常及時清掏。
    3. The common rainwater and sewage pipelines shall be dredged once a year; the rainwater well, chemical well and sewage well shall be inspected once a month, and shall be cleaned timely according to the inspection conditions to keep it unobstructed without blockage and overflow; the septic tank shall be inspected once a month and cleaned once every half a year, and the abnormality shall be removed in time.


    1. 公司名稱:保定保潔有限公司
    2. 手機:13313028229
    3. 聯系人:xxx

    版權 ?  網址:www.chuliqi.cn  推薦:保定保潔公司,保定保潔電話,保定家庭保潔,保定開荒保潔,保定保潔公司哪家好