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    1. Conscientiously clean the responsible area (lobby, corridor, stairs, elevator, parking lot, square, road, roof or terrace, public toilet and other public parts) according to the cleaning process and standards, and keep it clean and tidy.
    2. Obey the work arrangement and adjustment of department leaders, resolutely implement the company's cleaning plan, and complete the sanitation and cleaning work in the responsible area with quality and quantity.
    3. We should dissuade the uncivilized behaviors that affect the environmental sanitation. It has the responsibility to dissuade and stop the unhygienic and uncivilized phenomena and behaviors of the personnel in the responsible area to put the garbage cans or garbage bags in the streets, corridors, stairs and other public parts, so as to avoid affecting the sanitation and blocking the passage.
    4. If it is found that the sundries are not placed or abandoned in corridors, rooftops (balconies), staircases or other public areas as required, they are responsible for persuading the responsible person to rectify immediately (moving to the designated place nearby by themselves); if the responsible person cannot be found, in addition to cleaning up, the responsible person shall be registered and reported to the superior.
    5、發現天臺、天井或公用地方積存污水流水槽鋼模具 不銹鋼鑄件 扭王字塊模具 井蓋鋼模具 標志樁模具 調匝式消弧線圈 風冷控制柜 烤漆龍骨,應立即清理,以免蚊蠅滋生(難以清理的地方,可暫時淋上油渣,阻止蚊蠅繁殖),并向上級報告。
    5. If sewage is found in rooftops, patios or public places, it should be cleaned up immediately to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and flies (where it is difficult to clean up, oil residue can be sprayed temporarily to prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding), and report to the superior.
    6. If it is found that the sewage channel and sand well of the proje


    1. 公司名稱:保定保潔有限公司
    2. 手機:13313028229
    3. 聯系人:xxx

    版權 ?  網址:www.chuliqi.cn  推薦:保定保潔公司,保定保潔電話,保定家庭保潔,保定開荒保潔,保定保潔公司哪家好