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    1、300克紅茶泡熱茶兩臉盆水,放入居室中,并開窗透氣,48小時內室內甲醛含量將下降90%以上,刺激性氣味基本消除。 2、把泡過的茶葉,放在冰箱內部,即可達到除臭作用。若是沒有茶葉,也可將檸檬或柳丁切開,只要半小塊便能達到功效。此外,以沾有啤酒的抹布擦拭冰箱內部,異味也會無所遁形。 3、在家庭的衛生間里擺放綠色植物,可以達到調節空氣,消除異味的功效。最好在窗口養上一盆綠植,或者放上花瓶,插三五朵花,可以帶來清新怡液壓鋼壩人的感覺。 1, 300 grams of black tea bubble hot tea two face water, put into the living room, and open the window to breathe, 48 hours inside the room formaldehyde content will be reduced by more than 90%, the irritant smell basically eliminated. 2, put the soaked tea in the refrigerator, so that it can achieve deodorant effect. If there is no tea, lemon or willow can also be cut, as long as half a small piece can achieve the effect. In addition, with a beer rag to wipe the interior of the fridge, there will be no escape from the smell. 3, placing green plants in the bathroom of the family can achieve the effect of regulating air and eliminating peculiar smell. It is better to keep a green plant on the window, or put a vase in it, and insert 35 flowers to bring fresh and pleasant feeling


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