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    首先道具要準備齊全 First of all the props should be fully prepared 開荒保潔用到的清潔工具一般有:多功能吸塵吸水器、多功能洗地機、雞毛撣子、玻璃套裝工具、水刮、涂水器、伸縮桿、云石鏟刀、梯子、清潔桶、清潔球、高壓噴瓶、百潔布等. The cleaning tools used for cleaning and cleaning are usually: multi-functional suction water absorbent, multifunctional washing machine, feather duster, glass suit tool, water scraper, water smear, telescopic rod, cloud stone shovel, ladder, clean bucket, clean ball, high-pressure jetting bottle, 100 cleaning cloth and so on. 開荒保潔用到清潔劑的一般有:全能清洗劑、酸性清潔劑,玻璃專用清洗劑 There are commonly used cleaning agents for cleaning Wasteland: omnipotent cleaning agents, acidic cleaners, and special cleaning agents for glass. 其次,開荒保潔程序 Second, the process of cleaning and cleaning 1、首先清理現場留下的裝修垃圾; 1, first clean up the site of the decoration waste; 2、由上到下全面吸塵; 2, from top to bottom full dust; 3、擦玻璃:先用毛巾把玻璃框擦拭干凈,再用涂水器沾稀釋后的玻璃水溶液,均勻的從上到下涂抹玻璃,有頑固的污漬用鏟刀清除干凈,再重復以上工序后用刮子從上到下刮干凈,用干毛巾擦凈框上留下的水痕,玻璃上的水痕用機皮擦拭干凈。 3, wipe glass: clean the glass frame with a towel first, then dip the dilute glass water solution with the water applicator, evenly spread the glass from top to bottom, clean the stubborn stains with a knife, and then repeat the above process with the scraper from top to bottom, clean the water marks on the frame with dry towels, the water marks on the glass, and the water marks on the glass. Wipe clean with the machine skin. 4、衛生間:堅持由上而下的原則,首先認清衛生間頂子的材質,是PVC的或是鋁塑板還是涂料的,再根據不同的材質用不同的清潔方法進行清潔;用清潔球或是板刷清洗衛生間的墻壁,著重瓷磚的縫隙,和瓷磚表面上遺留的膠跡、涂料點、水泥漬等;用毛巾清潔衛生間的潔具,用不銹鋼清洗液針對各種龍頭、管件進行清潔;用洗地機對地面進行最后的清潔,由其是地面的邊角,用清潔球和刀片對洗地機洗不到的角落進行針對性的除污、去除水泥漬等;最后,檢查無遺漏后,再用干毛巾把水龍頭等管件擦拭一遍。 4, toilet: adhere to the principle of up and down, first to recognize the bathroom ceiling material, is PVC or the aluminum plastic plate or paint, and then according to different materials to clean with different cleaning methods; clean the bathroom wall with clean ball or plate brush, the cracks in ceramic tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the ceramic tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the ceramic tiles, and the surface of the tiles, and the surface of the tiles. Paint spots, cement stains and so on; clean the toilet with towels, clean with stainless steel cleaning liquid for various faucets and pipes; use the ground washing machine to clean the ground, by the edge angle of the ground, clean the dirt and cement stains with clean ball and blade. After checking the omission, wipe the faucet and other fittings with dry towel. 5、廚房:程序同上。注意:因廚房里的不銹鋼管件比較多,應是清潔重點。 5, kitchen: the program is same. Attention: because the stainless steel pipe in the kitchen is more, it should be the key of cleanliness. 6、臥室及大廳:墻壁用撣子或是吸塵器做除塵處理,擦拭燈具、開關盒、排煙置、空調口、排風口等。 6, bedroom and Hall: the walls are duster or vacuum cleaner for dust removal, wipe lamps, switch boxes, smoke outlets, air conditioning outlets, air outlets, etc. 7、門及框:分清門的材質,用專業清潔劑稀釋后,用毛巾擦拭,程序也是從上到下,把毛巾疊成方塊,從門的頂部開始從左到右的擦拭,不能有遺漏,有膠漬的地方可用除膠劑做處理;框的程序同門;一定要做到無遺漏、無死角。 7, door and frame: distinguish the material of the door, with a professional detergent diluted, towel wiped, the program is from thetuijian:www.slms1688.com www.kaiyejixie.com.cn paimen.89ix.com
    jianchajingj.75ix.cn www.gelidunmoju.com.cn  www.fengguanjiagong.com
     top to the bottom, the towel is folded into square, from the top of the door start from the left to the right wipe, can not be omission, there are glue stains in the area can be treated with the removal of glue; the frame of the same door; must be no missing, no dead angle.


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