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    禮儀禮貌與儀容儀表 Ceremonial politeness and appearance 某參加工作不久的女大學生,在上衛生間時被一名保潔人員說其不沖廁所。她在半年之后提起此事時還非常激動地說“我是這么沒有素質的人嗎”。試想,如果是一個經良好禮儀培訓的保潔人員當發現有人不沖廁所時,就會默默地用自己努力的工作來感動服務對象,而不是埋怨服務對象的行為。在工作中不注意服務中的禮貌用語會給顧客留下壞的印象。 A female college student who was not working in the bathroom was told by a cleaning staff not to flush the toilet. When she mentioned this matter six months later, she was also very excited to say, "am I such an empty person?" Think, if it is a good etiquette training cleaning staff when they find someone do not wash the toilet, they will silently use their work to move the service object, rather than complaining of the behavior of the service object. If we don't pay attention to polite language in service, we will leave a bad impression on customers. “禮儀禮貌”、“儀容儀表”實際上反映了一個企業的管理水平。管理工作中,應避免保潔人員帶著不愉快的情緒來上班,或對主管人員有抵觸情緒。 "Etiquette politeness" and "appearance and appearance" actually reflect the management level of an enterprise. In the management work, the cleaning staff should not avoid going to work with unpleasant emotions or having conflicting feelings with the executives. 統一服裝、統一形象,也是良好的儀容儀表的基本要求。員工不能因為服裝不那么合適或不太喜歡,或怕見到熟人等各種原因而對穿工作服或其他規范要求產生抵觸心理,而出現不穿或穿著不整齊的現象。 Uniform clothing and unified image is also a basic requirement for good appearance and appearance. Employees can not wear clothes or other specifications, because they are not so suitable or too fond of clothes, or are afraid to see acquaintances and other reasons. 2 Two 顧客需求與工作標準 Customer demand and work standard 清晰物業使用人的需求,了解顧客的關注點,據此作出詳細的服務方案,制訂工作的重點、詳細的工作標準和檢查標準,列出關鍵點和質量控制點、工作記錄要求。對已制訂的工作標準和規程等進行實施情況檢查,并時常評估其適宜性。 Clear the needs of the property users, understand the customer's attention, make detailed service plans, work out the focus, detailed work standards and inspection standards, list key points and quality control points, work record requirements. The implementation of the established work standards and procedures is checked, and its suitability is often assessed. 在制訂工藝流程時,應注意工具和工作時間的適宜性、工作的有效性、顧客的方便等因素,并將流程與工藝標準化,通過最短的時間培訓就可上崗,不因主管人員和保潔人員的變更而影響服務質量。 In the process of making the process, we should pay attention to the suitability of tools and working hours, the effectiveness of the work, the convenience of the customers and so on, and standardize the process and process and train the job through the shortest time, and do not affect the quality of service due to the change of the supervisor and the cleaning staff


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