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    1、氣候條件:外墻清洗必須要在良好的氣候條件下進行,風力應小于4級,4級以上停止工作。因此,工作前應測定風力,尤其是高空風力。另外,下雨、下雪、有霧、能見度差以及高溫(35℃以上)和低溫(0℃以下)等條件下都不適合進行外墻清洗。 1, climate conditions: external wall cleaning must be carried out under good climate conditions, and the wind force should be less than 4 level, and 4 level or above should be stopped. Therefore, we should measure the wind force before the work, especially the high-altitude wind force. In addition, rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and high temperature (above 35 degrees) and low temperature (below 0 degrees Celsius) are not suitable for exterior wall cleaning. 2.人員條件:為了貫徹執行國家安全法規,確保工人人身安全及設備正常運轉,規定:高空操作者必須是年滿18周歲的男性公民,并經過身體檢查和安全技術培訓,經考試合格方可作業,工人上崗前不得飲酒,有感冒等身體不適癥狀就暫停高空作業。 2. personnel conditions: in order to carry out the national safety regulations and ensure the safety of the workers and the normal operation of the equipment, the high altitude operator must be a male citizen of 18 years of age, and through the physical examination and the training of safety and technology, the workers are qualified to work through the examination. The workers are not allowed to drink alcohol before the job, and there are cold and other physical discomfort. The symptoms are suspended at high altitude. 3、設備條件:外墻清洗的設備必須處于良好的工作狀態,凡吊板有發毛、部分繩股漸裂等現象應立即更換新繩。 3, equipment condition: the equipment for external wall cleaning must be in a good working condition. Any suspension plate must be hairy and part of strand strand cracking. New rope should be replaced immediately


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