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    廚房水管的保養方式: 由于廚房排水管的阻塞物以油漬和廚馀殘渣為主,因此,必須使用顆粒狀的水管疏通劑,利用其中的苛性鈉成份及反應時產生的高溫,將凝結的油漬變為液體狀;并藉由片狀鋁片的上下旋轉運動,將菜渣打散。 注意:此類疏通劑并不適用于軟質塑膠浪管或橡皮軟管、鋁管,只能使用液體快速通樂,以免因溫度過高而產生軟管扭曲變形的情形。 正確保養方式:先清除積水→開啟瓶蓋后,將1/5~1/10的量慢慢倒入水槽或地板排水口內→加入250CC的冷水(地板排水口需倒入750CC冷水)→靜待30分鐘后,大量沖入冷水即可→未使用完的廚房通樂,記得瓶蓋要蓋緊,以免因接觸到水氣而使其產生作用。 2.馬桶的保養方式: 由於馬桶的阻塞物以有機排泄物和衛生紙為主,因此,最好使用液體狀的馬桶疏通劑,才能深入馬桶內部清除堆積的有機異物,以快速軟化糞便、蛋白質、皂垢等有機物,使其便於被水沖走。 正確保養方式:先清除積水→開啟瓶蓋后勿擠壓瓶身,依瓶身側邊標示液位,將1/4的量慢慢倒入馬桶內→靜待30分鐘后,倒入大量熱水即可。 1. the maintenance mode of the kitchen pipe: because the clogging of the kitchen drainpipe is dominated by oil stains and residue of kitchen surplus, it is necessary to use granular water pipe dredging agent to make the coagulated oil stains into liquid by using the caustic sodium composition and the high temperature produced during the reaction. Note: this kind of dredging agent is not suitable for soft plastic wave tube or rubber hose and aluminum tube. It can only use liquid fast, so as to avoid the distortion of hose due to high temperature. Correct maintenance methods: first remove water accumulation and open the cap, then slowly pour 1 / 5~1 / 10 of the amount into the sink or the floor drain - 250CC cold water (the floor drain should be poured into the 750CC cold water) - after 30 minutes, a large amount of water into the cold water can be unused kitchen, remember the cap should be closed so as to avoid the effect of exposure to water and gas. 2. the maintenance of the toilet: the clogging of the toilet is based on organic waste and toilet paper. Therefore, it is best to use liquid toilet dredging agent to remove the accumulated organic foreign objects inside the toilet and quickly soften the organic substances such as stool, protein, soap scale and so on, so that it is washed away by water. Correct maintenance methods: clean water first, do not squeeze the bottle after opening the cap, sign the liquid level according to the side of the bottle, slowly pour 1 / 4 of the amount into the toilet and wait for 30 minutes, then pour into a large amount of hot water.


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